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We focus on three main topics – for a general overview of who we are click here

We advance mindsets, experiments and processes


How do we work with you?

Join our events to get a deeper dive into what we do!

In our events, you will learn how to transform your actions with the energy of sustainability.

Additionally, in each event, we share some news from our collaborators – building your own network on its own.

All our events are online to reduce environmetal impact!

Get direct support with tailored solutions for your challenges!

Collaborate with us online via direct meetings, mail or on our platforms.

Whether you are a reasearcher, employee, leader of an association, the world of sustainability is open to you.

And we promise, we do not bite


Making your Mind as Sustainable as your Laboratory

Working sustainably does not only benefit the environment but also yourself by improving your results and happiness. Lets see how!

Our mindset lies at the beginning of every action we take!

It shapes our attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors. And everybody, from the newly starting Bachelor student to the experienced CEO has to master their mindset.

  • A new Approach

    Creating sustainable laboratory practices requires a shift in mindset - from a short-term, overwhelmed attitude to a long-term, environmentally conscious approach. By addressing your mindset, everybody can lead the way in driving positive change for both yourself and the planet.

  • For every Situation

    Every situation is different. Exactly for that reason you got the thinking machine between your ears. Addressing your mindset is essential for creating specifically the practices you need in your field. Where else do come all the solutions from?

  • Train it

    Essentially, your mindset is like a muscle - the more you exercise it, the stronger it becomes. By mastering your mindset, you can cultivate a sense of resilience, adaptability, and inspiration that will make your research spark

Too many people feel overwhelmed and burned out - lets change that

Join our events to learn more about how to take control over your mindset and learn all the in depths tips & tricks

We are working on an online platform to share all the information and content with you - if you like, sign up for our email list to stay updated!

Instead of being feel-good coaches, we understand that achieving success and creating a positive impact on the planet requires more than just abstract concepts of a “mindset”.

We provide a framework to understand with specific actions and tools.

To be positive is often hard because it requires you to trust yourself. We want to show you how to believe in your training and how to develop trust your own path.

To us, sustainability is a process, not an end. It requires ongoing effort and improvement. This is why we are here and invite you to do a journey with us.

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of the content in each message is based on words

Your communication connects you

You can be clever or powerful ... But the smartest and strongest you are with others.

– All those require effective and efficient communication –

Especially for sustainable actions we need to talk powerful, precise and compelling. There will be many skeptics but we show you how to bring your point across!

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With us, you will find out what the left percent of communication are about!

You are not alone!

Do not even consider to fightalone – there are many to help you.
And we show you how to get connected.

--> We realized that the biggest obstacle for people is simply being too scared to reach out
We help you transform your mindset to supercharge your success in networking

· Overcoming Insecurity

· Inspiration in Conversations

· Mastering Collaboration

The perks of a "Synergy Seeker"

  • Motivation

    Finding people with a similar drive will make you experience the enourmous power of shared dreams and goals.

    Fuel for your passion
  • Support

    You need help? You need advice? You need collaborators? Whatever it is, your network is the best partner to ask.

    Shared experience
  • Inspiration

    Get input from people with similar aspirations – they might have mastered challenges you currently face.

    New ideas and angles

A few ideas for new avenues

North America

Here, in America, you can find other leading figures in green laboratory work, whether it be my green lab, which promotes the green movement in laboratories and companies, or institutions such as the International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories. Additionally, there is an amazing network available at Green Your Lab and a plethora of information on the Labconscious website.


Interestingly, in Europe, there is an initiative aimed at transforming approximately 86 institutes into sustainability hubs, namely the Max Planck Sustainability Network. Additionally, there is the Sustainable European Laboratories Network, and you can also get in touch with individuals such as Kerstin Hermuth-Kleinschmidt who are interested in expanding sustainable actions in research.

And much more

This movement unites the entire world, it is not limited to highly industrialized regions. Through the International Union for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Trainee Initiative, we have been able to bring the idea of sustainable practices to Africa. Inspired by Cintia from South Ameria, check your curriculum; you might find more green classes available than you think.