Welcome to the 2023 event by GreenLaboratoryWork – it great to see you interested!

Here, we bring everyone who is interested in being more sustainable research together


Basically, GreenLaboratoryWork 2023 is an online event that brings together everyone interested in being more sustainable

We launch this event annually in order to keep our green family together and give new-comers the chance to experience what sustainability can be first-hand.

Thus, we combine an introduction to sustainability with in depth knowledge & updates from within the field

Experience with us:
A) What sustainability means
Get an understanding and orientation what is possible and where sustainability can be applied.

B) The actors you want to know
Who can help you in your journey? Where can you find networks and amazing people? We show you!

C) How you become a sustainable scientist!
We provide practical tips for what you can do. Concrete actions and approaches for any profession.

Feel the passion of sharing sustainable action! Everything is possible, and you can join for whatever is of interest to you!

Sustainablility at GLW2023

You feel like doubt if you fit to this sustainability thing? No need to worry! Our community is heart-warmingly open to everyone. Trust us, it is amazing how much energy you will receive when emerging in the field.


It is our goal to provide everyone joining with an enjoyable experience

Depending on how to deep you want to reach within sustainability, we got 3 main aspects for you:

You are the rising star!

You are new to the field and want to know what sustainable when doing research even means? You will see various fields and aspects to really get a grip of green practice. Of course, that will include basic tips you can put into action right away next time you are in the lab.

Your star has already risen and now you want to discover other universes?

We love it! Let us show you some aspect of sustainability you have not yet heard of. Laboratories, the industry or even your own mindset – we will surprise you with new ideas from your HPLC-MS to a new way how to see your institute.

You have already seen all the galaxies?

We update you about all that has happened since last year. Our green family is there to give you an insight into what has happened, what is going on and what we are looking for!


We want to be available to everyone – literally

Our event is entirely online!
That is better for the environment & everyone can join from wherever they are

Our event is totally free
No paywall and accessible to every student around the globe

Our event only requires registration
No submission of unnessecary data or a specific position in a certain field


We want to host an event in which everybody leaves with a smile!

It is our goal to provide a multitude of possbilities – whatever you can benefit from most. Of course, you can just join the parts your are interested in to tailor the event to your needs.

Learn | Get a Network | Experience Sustainability | Share

Broaden Your Horizon

As you probably know by now, we try to do everything to provide you input from various fields. Learn everything that is connected to sustainability. In short presentations you will get to know what is essential.

learn sustainability
connect sustainability

Connect Your Network

Do not reinvent the wheel, rather ask people you got the experience! If you want, you can reach out to anyone during and after the event and get in touch. Yes, that also includes the speakers

Have An Unique Experience

The world of sustainability is fun and engaging! We will do everything possible to share that experience with you – so that you can leave with lots of energy!

experience sustainable deed
share sustainability_2

Share And Receive

You have ideas? You have question? You have experiences someone might benefit from – we want you to feel free to share or get whatever it is that you need. And we got the tools! Also, if there is something essential to you before the event, find a form on our main page : )


We are super happy to be allowed to present you so many stars from all over the world!

The list is growing but so far we can present to you:
Progress 100%

28th of June (Wednesday) – live at 17:00 CEST / 11:00 EST
(recordings will be available until 29th of June on the EW Platform)

My Green Lab – Sustainability in industry and research
by Cristalle Ruiz & Stephanie Millar – starting 17:05 CEST

If you have been in touch with sustainable practice, you probably know my green lab. These are the big guys. They will introduce you to their various activities ranging from labelling machines to collaborations with the industry. If you always wanted to know how sustainability and the industry connect, then you shouldnt miss this talk!

Labconscious – New perspectives to make your lab sustainable
by Nicole Kelesoglu – – starting 17:25 CEST

You wonder whether there are examples and resources that help you making your laboratory greener? Then wonder no longer, Labconscious is there for you. And with Nicole, the editor of an online resource, you will see inspiring new ideas for sustainable change. Something you might be able to put into action tomorrow.

Labcon – First hand insights into solutions from the industry
Tim King – starting 17:45 CEST

You wondered whether companies are contributing to a change for a greener future? We make it concrete and will answer this question together with you. Learn about innovations that take place when producing your lab-ware to solutions applicable in your lab!

LEAF – How to grow a green initiative
by Martin Farley – starting 18:10 CEST

Ever wondered who built one of the biggest university programs for sustainability? Now you know – you are welcome : ) Look behind the scenes how such an initiative is run and what experiences Martin made!

29th of June (Thursday) – live at 17:00 CEST / 11:00 EST
(recordings will be available until 29th of June on the EW Platform)

GreenLaboratoryWork – Presenting you all that sustainability has to offer
by Patrick Penndorf – starting 17:00 CEST

The world is big, and so is sustainability! We will present all the important actors in the field and provide you with an overview about all the various green actions you have not yet heart about!

International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories (I2SL) – Space, Equipment and Funding
by Dr. Kathryn Ramirez-Aguilar – – starting 17:25 CEST

Get ready for Kathy, one of the sweetest and loveliest people in the field, full of energy. She has some knowledge about less well known topics regarding your space and equipment in the lab for you.

NIUB – Self-employed within Sustainability?
by Dr. Kerstin Hermuth-Kleinschmidt – starting 17:45 CEST

We promised you to cover all that sustainability has to offer – and here we are, not just talking about huge initiatives and companies but about people who do tremendous stuff on their very own! A consultant that you might soon want to work with too. See what creating a sustainable lab can mean and where to start.

Green Your Lab – How to build a sustainable network
by Dr. Fanny Yuen – starting 18:10 CEST

Join Dr. Fanny Yuen as she shares her experiences in building a sustainable network at Green Your Lab. Learn from her experiences and explore the advantages of networking when starting a Green Lab program. Discover how to inspire others and connect with like-minded individuals. Come embrace the community aspect of sustainability with us!


Welcome everyone who supports the green movement!

We are constantly searching for the most interesting and impactful solutions. And here are the ones who share them with us

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Not only revolutionizing their business processes but also helping you with a roadmap towards a greener lab: