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Experience the field of sustainable laboratory practice and become a green researcher!

14th-15th of May 2022

Become a green researcher yourself in our completely virtual event

Enjoy – Participate – Connect



We have recruited the greatest experts from all over the world!

Get introduced to various aspects of sustainable practice:

  • reducing energy
  • avoiding plastic waste
  • sustainable chemicals

    and many more!


Work together with us and learn what you can do in your own research!

See which actions you can concretely take yourself

A bit like asking for a date: How to share your passion for a green lab


Want even more insights? And meet new people?

Talk to us and our presenters in  socializing sessions!

We want you to feel convenient, just like home

chat, ask or just listen



We want this conference to be your compass – orienting you in the field of green laboratory work


Provide Newcomers as well as more experienced green-seekers with a great and inpiring experience!

Learn whatever interests you about sustainable lab work


We will provide you with a fascinating fully virtual conference
Join from wherever you are!
Relax and be captivated by our event and immerse completely


Thanks to my Green Lab we are able to launch this event- Amazing!

My Green Lab® is a non-profit environmental organization with a mission to build a global culture of sustainability in science.

The organization is the world leader in developing internationally recognized sustainability standards for laboratories and laboratory products—bringing sustainability to the community responsible for the world’s lifechanging medical and technical innovations.


Labcon shows perfectly that also companies support our passion!

Founded in 1959, Labcon is a global manufacturer of laboratory consumables based in California, USA. Our mission is to provide the highest quality laboratory equipment with the lowest possible environmental impact. 

Since 2000, Labcon has reduced these greenhouse gas emissions by 89% per case of product through the use of renewable energy, reduced packaging waste and the incorporation of sustainable materials such as bioplastics and recyclable plastics when possible.
More than 190 of their products are certified by the ACT Environmental Impact Factor label, issued by the independent non-profit organisation MyGreenLab.”

Have a look, what we present to you!
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14th of May


15th of May


An easy guide to your Timezone:

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Times in the schedule are indicated as CEST (Central European Summer Time) – that means this time counts for you if you are close to Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm = UTC +2

If you are say in New York or Toronto (Eastcoast):
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If you live in e.g. Los Angeles (Westcoast):
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If you are in Peking:
you do not have summer time: thus it is UTC +8 i.e. the event start for you at 3PM (CEST +6).

Kerstin Hermuth-Kleinschmidt

How to make your lab and research green & sustainable

Kathryn A. Ramirez-Aguilar

How to make your lab and research green & sustainable

Stephanie Robinson

How to make your lab and research green & sustainable

Nikoline Borgermann

How to make your lab and research green & sustainable

Kelly McKeon

How to make your lab and research green & sustainable

Fanny Yuen

How to make your lab and research green & sustainable

Wolfgang Kuster

How to make your lab and research green & sustainable

Nicole Kelesoglu

How to make your lab and research green & sustainable


Meet new friends?

Connect to researchers with a similar passion?

Get to know us

Get to know our presenters

Get to know other green researchers


In a relaxed and cozy fashion we are there to chat, discuss or answer your questions


We are a team of students located throughout Germany. We are working in different areas including biology, medicine, material sciences, design as well as networking and are connected by our passion for sustainability in science. We are ambitious to change research for a better future. For us, for you, for everyone.

At some point you start to notice the huge amount of waste that is being produced, how many chemicals you waste – And you wonder how to change that?

Pondering on how sustainable research is actually being conducted. 

In our daily work we see how resources are being used carelessly, how much energy is wasted and how little is being made to prevent this. This created a strong urge in us to do something about this. Our passion is to change the way research is being performed – making it greener and better for both us and the planet. We want to motivate more people who want to participate and be a part of this change. Our motivation is to encourage exchange between people interested in green laboratory work and to create a network where people can learn and interact with people interested in this topic, improving research everyday. At the end it becomes impossible not to notice all the areas you can improve in your laboratory work.

Since creating a more sustainable culture is a global problem, our conference is for everyone. Whether you are a student who noticed mountains of plastic waste in your lab and are now interested in sustainable laboratories, a professor who wants to find out what is currently being done in this field or a company which either already works in this area or wants to expand its knowledge in this area. You are welcome to join as many talks as you want, to check out our workshops, to expand your knowledge and to connect to other participants.

Currently sustainability is becoming more and more important in all areas of our lives. However, sometimes we are trying to fight this battle alone instead of creating a network of people with the same motivations and intentions. Participating in this conference will show you the interesting work of people through easy and short presentations and will give you the chance to get in touch with people interested in this topic…

Yes, and registration for this conference is completely free. This way we will be able to provide you with all the information you need to join the conference on the 14th and 15th of May 2022 15:00-18:00 MET. Further, it really helps us to keep an overview on the number of people who signed up for the conference.

[If you want to sign up klick here]

That is great. Of course, in our opinion, our conference is a perfect start! If you cannot wait so long, check out the websites of XXX and XXXX. Here you will also find further information.

  • You have already completed the first step of asking yourself how to make a difference.
  • Second of all focus on three important factors: plastic, chemicals and energy

You can contact us under and we will try to get in touch with you as soon as possible.